New, More Convenient Photo Posting Protocol! PaleoTube Improvements! Post Photos From "Quick Reply" Box!

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March 26th, 2014, 6:42 pm #1

Mario (Chaskedeerhunter), one of our administrators and the owner/founder of PaleoTube is committed to helping keep the photos in tutorials and threads on PaleoPlanet archived and permanent (rather than disappearing for various reasons, as happens with other photo hosts), and has been working hard to make PaleoTube and PaleoPlanet work more seamlessly together.  His latest improvement to PaleoTube will not only help with that, but will make posting photos on PaleoPlanet much easier.

You can now post photos directly into a thread on PaleoPlanet from the "Quick Reply" box!

To post photos on PaleoPlanet using PaleoTube (which will now be about the easiest way, and will ensure the photos don't disappear later), follow these simple instructions.

1)  Click on the PaleoTube link button on any page in PaleoPlanet.  Create a free account on PaleoTube, or login if you have already done so.
2) Upload your photos by clicking on the "Upload" button in your account, on the "Photos" page.  This will open a box to choose the photos off your hard drive.  Knowing where the photos are ahead of time will be very helpful.  I like to name my folder "PaleoPlanet March14" or "For InternetMarch14", or something similar, to keep them organized and by date (just for example).
3) Click on the photo you want to post.  There will be two codes.  Copy the top code (the one that starts with "[Img") by clicking on it and selecting "copy" from your menu bar, or by using the keyboard shortcut ("command" button and "c" button hit at the same time).
4) Paste the code into the "Quick Reply" box on PaleoPlanet where you want the photo to appear, by placing the cursor and selecting "Paste" from your menu bar or by using the keyboard shortcut ("command" button and "v" button hit at the same time).  The code will show up in the box, and when you preview or post, will turn into the photo!
5)  PaleoTube automatically stores a full sized and a re-sized version of your photos when you upload them.  If you want to add a link to the full sized photo, copy the second code from PaleoTube (the one that starts with "http") into your post.  

The above may sound complicated, but for those of you who've done it the old way, you'll quickly see this is much more convenient.  Once you've signed up for PaleoTube and tried it a few times, it will become a familiar and fairly painless process.  Mario is always looking for ways to improve PaleoTube, so the process may become even more stream lined (if possible) in the future.

We all owe Mario a big "Thank you!" for not only this, but the other things he does for us, here.  For example, he recently fixed the ".net redirect" problem we were experiencing.

It is the hope of all the admins on PP that these efforts to more closely link PaleoPlanet and PaleoTube will mean that the helpful tutorials and threads that members post will remain available for the future, and that the increased convenience will encourage members to post more such educational material.