Making Rawhide; Chapter 1

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I have purchased a drum made of deer hide. This drum smells bad. Is there anything that I can do to take the smell out of my finished drum?

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Marcella, unfortunately I don't know what you can do with a finished drum short of putting a different skin on it. You could try smoking it real good.
I have seen and smelled drums made with stinky skins before. They get especially smelly if you take them in a sweat. I was in a sweat where the leader sent that drum out of the lodge and told the person not to bring it in the lodge again.
If you are going to use plain water to slip hair for rawhide you have to really pay attention and keep the water from getting sour or you end up with smelly rawhide. Most of the time it's not too bad if it's very dry but in damp conditions the smell comes out.
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I just saw your tutorial on making rawhide.  Do you sell your rawhide?  I would be interested in buying from you.

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I just wanted to thank you for posting this message about this and I hope it helps some of the others on the board as much as its helped me. Many thanks for the help!!!

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Hey thanks for the info ... curious to know if making something with the hair on would be largely the same? I'm looking into making some wigs out of horsetail for my horses tails ... so the leather wouldn't need to be stretched just formed around something and let harden ... hope my explaination makes sense :-)

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I am essentially going through this process with two goats and two sheep. I had to take a break though after liming and re-neutralizing pH so let two hides go to rawhide and froze the other two. Last week I put all four into a barrel of water to get them back to something usable. I didn't have time to work with them after 24 hours so they sat for 4-5 days in standing water. I mounted them yesterday onto the frame and they stink something awful. They're outside on the frame now and it's still 20-50 degrees where I am so I doubt they will stretch or dry, but if I bring the frame inside, the smell will overload the space. Why did this happen and how can I fix it? HELP!