Making Blow-Gun Darts, By Caleb (aka Aztec)

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Making Blow-Gun Darts, By Caleb (aka Aztec)

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03 Sep 2010, 21:01 #1

i came up with this method, its sort of a thistle substitute

first i cut cotton twine into 2 inch lengths.  it will take more strands depending on the caliber of the blow gun.

start by securing the thread to the shaft, just couple of wraps to hold it in place

add strands slowly untill you have the all in place around the shaft.
then wind the thread tightly around and when your done ,tie it down with a few half hitch knots

wrapped and ready to fluff 

i use a dog brush to card and seperate the strands. but im sure you could use a hair brush of some sort.

and there ya go .

i hope some of you will find this helpfull

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04 Sep 2011, 08:26 #2

thanks I'll definitely try this.