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Identification, cultivation, harvesting, preparing, preserving, recipies, general ethnobotany... Disclaimer: Don't experiment with unknown plants, or rely on the information in this forum. Get your own information and use CAUTION!
A forum dedicated to sharing thought, ideas, methods and tools related to cooking and food preparation. Including, but not limited to discussion about cooking
vessels, mud/adobe ovens, fire pits and other methods of cooking. Also of interest would be archaeological and/or anthropological reference material pertaining
to our ancestors means and methods of food production and preparation.
river rat
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please note. ive been studying plants in my area for a few still alive, healthier than most my age, and other than high blood pressure since i was 20 im just 

Robson Valley
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Thanks RR for the herbal notes. 
The Stevia issue might be related to the chemistry as they try to extract the active ingredient, stevioside.
I couldn't see a problem with eating the whole leaf.

First Nations communities in the PacNW still have medicine women and medicine men.
They still use their herbs and they still teach the younger generation.  Good.

As it is turning out, many of the herbs are effective for the purposes claimed.
Just how many generations over how many thousands of years did it take
to figure out how to prepare what worked and what didn't???????

More and more, I see books printed about those old ways and plants.
I buy everything I can find.

Quest for fire
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I salute your heartiness River Rat.

Quest for Fire

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Quite the haul RR.Thank you for walking us through it. 

A very pleasant conversation amongst friends. Thank y'all for sharing that.