Iowa City Area Knappers?

A collection of information for those just starting their flintknapping journey.
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cavemanwannabe wrote: I'm not sure if this is a double post or not but I'm just starting to learn how to knapp and also work on atlatl stuff. and I just wanted to send up a smoke signal to see if there is anyone in the area who shares my pasion for all things primative. I don't have access to any kind of workshop and my job keeps me pretty busy most days. I would love to make contact with anyone else in the Iowa City area who would like to work on some project's. As long as I get my hands dirty and can learn some new skills(which for me is anything right now) I'm game. I'm starting to get buried in raw materials for project's so if you have a cool new project and need/want a hand let me know. Or if you just want to have an alibi for coming home smelling like mud and woodsmoke that's cool too. email @ or call 319-238-0045. I have a huge amount of enthusiasum just a small amout of expereince.
 Hi i'm looking for local flint knappers in Iowa city area and would be interested in meeting up to knapp some flint i am actuly making points everyother day so pm me if you want to get in touch