"How To" Nocks for Bamboo

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Some of you ask for a "how to" nocks on bamboo arrows I posting. I did it my simply way and for sure there is other ways.

On this I use birch, but any hard wood working as well horn or antler.

I write some words above the photos, hope you understand? If not use plastic nocks

You can see here where I dyed nocks reddish:  Bamboo Arrows


 3/8" birch dowel to start.

ready to drilling tapered hole for 5/16"

drilling is going on

drilling done

nice tapered 5/16" hole

tapered bamboo shaft and tapered birch nock ready to fit on

fit very well

cuting the nock to about 1 inches

glue nock done ready to grinding shape

grinding of to shape I want

ready for cut groove for string

groove for string cut done

rough down nock....now its to fine fininch the nock, maybe dyed with some color
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