Getting Young Kids Started with Archery!

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Getting Young Kids Started with Archery!

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20 Dec 2015, 20:58 #1

A buddy of mine, Barry Bonnell, and I had a dozen neighbor kids over for a bow-making and shooting day.  Barry and I managed to make 13 bow from 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe ranging in draw from 17 lbs to 25 lbs.  The youngsters were mostly 2nd graders (7-8 year old) but one young lady was a 7th grader.  (there parents are now into archery as well!)

There are lots of advantages in making PVC bows for kids:
1.   cost - about $1.30.  
2,  1/2" PVC pipe $2.03 @ HD (makes 2 bows @$1.02 each) 
3.  Paracord $2.97 for 50' (strings for 10 bows @$.28
4. Scrap leather for handles and arrow rests - free from LUNA Sandals (BIG PLUG FOR LUNA SANDALS - THEY ROCK!)

Here are some photos of the days work!  More at Puget Sound Knappers 2015 PVC Bow Class


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That's great! Good on you guys for showing those kids a good time. This is the biggest strength of PVC bows in my opinion, they are quick and simple to make and get bows in the hands of people to let them see if archery is for them or not. Glad to hear Luna helped you guys out as well.

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Now that is a worthwhile enterprise.
I teach kids Archery every Wynter.
A closer look at how those sweetheart bows are made will have to be taken.

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thats awesome!