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Forge & Foundry forum archives...

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12 Sep 2013, 06:16 #1

Well, it's not an issue yet, but just a note to all that there is a "forge & foundry" archive in the archive section that currently carries duplicate postings of all of the posts here.  These are the posts that were in the individual "General Blacksmithing", "Casting", and "Forge, Anvil, and Tools" subforums that have been consolidated here.

In time, the posts here will start to exceed 30 pages, and at that point these duplicate posts (everything up to 9/10/2013) will be deleted from this forum since they're already in the archives.

At some point in the not so near future, the posts exceeding 30 pages will be "new" material (9/11/13 and beyond) to the archives and will be sent there after they hit page 31.

Eric Dobratz
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13 Sep 2013, 07:46 #2

Cool, Eric! Thanks for all the hard work for the site.