Clovis Point? Arrowhead? Just a rock?

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Clovis Point? Arrowhead? Just a rock?

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My children and I were digging outside this afternoon and came across this rock. My mom thought it might be an arrowhead. I tried to look up some information online and came across some information on Clovis Points and thought it could maybe be one. My children and I would love some information on this if anyone has any! My luck it's a piece of stone off an old fireplace or something equally as unexciting. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to look!!
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My guess is that it is, indeed, unexciting; not an arrowhead, at least.  There is no indication of flaking, grinding or any other form of preindustrial shaping.  It appears to be a broken half of whatever it was originally and it looks metallic to me, though that could be due to the lighting.  Given the shape of the center groove, it could be a broken handle, but the outer surface seems strange. 

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It could be part of a fossilized animal burrow, tube worm or sim.