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Casting Copper

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A couple of buddies and I decided to cast some copper spalling billets in the 20 lbs - 30 lbs range.  We used both a pottery kiln (capable of 2375 degrees F) and a propane forge (capable of melting fire brick).

Over the course of a couple of weeks we were able to cast  22 lb, 19 lb,  25 lb and 30.5 solid copper billets - all from 'clean' copper scrap.

For more of our adventures and How-To(s) as well as lessons learned go here: ... illet.html
In the meantime: 
A couple of the billets

The forge and kiln, Mick Hill preparing the scrap to be added, forge was designed for two burners but we only needed one:

Hot stuff.

The simple burner that melted copper and fire brick.

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