Canary islands

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As I cannot part into 7..... I live in La Palma, the greenest - or less yellow - at the north west of the archipiélago! 

I live in a cave and have a little farm, or a big garden... I grow plants and have cuys, guinea pigs for food as in South America, and will have also chickens and let's see.

I used to live in Europe and was nature guide / musher with dogs. Making fire with stone and iron, I can recognize most plants, including the new ones after living 7 years in the Canaries. I am making other caves livable and you can drop by if you visit this european place from Africa! This is why I did not write in the Spanish sub-forum... Geographically we are near the south of Morocco. This seems to me a more paleo way to see a place than following political maps.

My main interest after living suitably and finding health, is the autonomic nervous system. This is what has been most lost by modern humans: the way to regulate it! And it makes everything works inside us, so this is much more than instinct of fight & flight, view that upsets me because too reduced. As I know a few things about animal behaviour, I try to be inspired by them for my life.
Everything changes! When you feel good, forget about it... When you do not feel so good, remember to remember that everything changes!