California, Pit River pithouse design?

For discussion related to the Paleolithic encampment - Building structures, materials, methods of construction, tools and other items around the camp/home.
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Could be quite a disaster in a big wind but you built in a forest so should be fairly calm.
Still would be a good place to snuggle down in.  Well done.

Common practice among First Nations here to move camps not for the seasons but for the harvests.
Salmon can spawn a thousand (?) miles up river, even further east from my place. 

The top of the Fraser River is a place called Rear Guard Falls.  No salmon can jump that.  Fact.
The nearest major camp was the Simpcw people at Tete Jaune Cache.  
They got evicted as europeans wanted that land.

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Hello Ramaytush

You seem to have mastered the Miwok conical bark shelter, it would seem you only need to add the 'pit house' feature that historical sources seem to state were the year round dwellings of the Miwok peoples .... here are some further sources,,, ... helter.jpg ... kets_4.png

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