Bow Bamboo Seminar

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Bow Bamboo Bonanza to be held February 21 & 22, 2015 in Odum, Georgia

A weekend seminar of talks, demonstrations, and discussions on bamboo & bow-building. Organized and hosted by Jaap & Kay Koppedrayer at their Bamboo Farm in Odum, Georgia. Presentations will address the following topics:

•    An overview of suitable varieties of bamboo for bow-building
•    Choosing and matching bamboo to different types of bows
•    Harvesting bamboo for bow-building
•    Curing, drying, storing, and tempering bamboo
•    In-depth look at how bamboo contributes to the workings of a bow
•    Preparing bamboo for use in bows
•    Bamboo as inner core material
•    Traditional Japanese techniques of bow-making
•    Round-table discussion

During the weekend participants will have time to try out different styles of bows that use bamboo in their construction. 
Registration is $60 and includes is a Saturday night barbecue & Sunday lunch.
Motel-accommodation available in near-by Jesup, Georgia.
Limited primitive camping on site.
Send an email to for more info.