Anybody Know Where I Can Get Some Custom Metalwork Done?

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Anybody Know Where I Can Get Some Custom Metalwork Done?

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26 Aug 2014, 03:50 #1

I posted this in the General Discussion section, but I figure I'd do it again in this one.

I've got an idea for an axe that I think would work great & also want to get a couple of knives made in a particular way, but I don't have the means to make it at the moment.  I tried looking on the internet, but all I could find were sites where people make custom knives & axes, but you're picking from a selection that's already there.  I'm looking for one where I can give a design & get it made.  Anyone know where I can do something like that?

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Copying this over to the bladesmithing section (which is where most of the traffic is) so check there for replies.

Also, keep in mind that whether or not you're picking from a selection of pre-made "custom" pieces, or you're having something made to your exact specs, you're getting truly custom handmade work, and the price will probably reflect that. Anything handmade is a serious investment of skill and time, and will likely be significantly more than the factory made equivalent.

It would be a good idea to post a basic idea of what you're looking to have made, the materials that you would want it to be made from, and a ballpark range of what you'd expect to pay for it.

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