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The hatching grounds were bustling as usuall at this time of year. The country tribes except three had all gathered to watch the hatching of the dragons clutches. Eager to see which possible riders would be choosen this year just like the year before.

The seven tribes battered out their businesses and taskes for the evening feast before the hatching that night. Each tribe named after their past bravest rider's. Each with its own code and troubles but on this day most tribes celebrated the life of their large reptiled partners.

This year was slightly different there was a rush of excitement in the air since the hatching of the king dragon the year before, everyone hoped the queen dragon would follow this year. Many young possible riders hoped it would be them.

Everyone remembered the young boy who awakened and hatched the gold coloured king dragon. He was a good fighter in his tribe and many were happy for such a gift. However as the year past the young boy's tribe made many an enemy and had not come to the hatching this year. Or at least they were not supossed to come.

The year before the hatching total was high with six red beta's, seven blue(different hues of blue) gamma's, one gold king and nine different coloured fledgings. This year they hoped for close to thirty including the hope for a copper queen.

Many children ran about the huge cavern, their mothers in charge of the feast about to start.


The opening speech in the great cavern where many a clutch lay in their nests made quiet echos all around. The excitement was high now was a time for silence as a serious stillness coming over the large crowd.

The young teens that were of age this year made their way into the chamber. As they came to a halt in the middle of the circle of clutch nests they looked up to their peers and waited for the entrance speach to end.

When the elders stopped speaking the young lads and ladies rangeing from the ages of 15 to 19 spread out among the nests and waited with held breaths. Listening and hoping for a hatchling from this years nest.

(((ooc: so little break down. Gold and Copper coloured dragons are the king and queen dragons. They are bigger then the rest of the dragons. These are very rare and are mated pairs. Though they might not hatch at the same time.

Black, white, and silver dragons are alphas. Think high generals that work under the king and queen. Their seconds if it were. This are not as rare as golds and coppers but still very rare to hatch.

Reds are betas as stated this covers all hues of red. They are a common colour to be hatched just like Blue hued dragons.

All other colours happen to hatch very often.)))All dragons can control one element other then their fire breath. )))