A reminder regarding air travel ID requirements that change this year.

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There are 8 or 9 states now, including California, where they no longer accept a regular valid drivers license for ID to get on airlines.    Some extensions were issued but some expired already.  In Californian it expires October 10.  You have to go in to your local dmv, like in California, to get the drivers license version with the security chip or strip embedded.    You will likely need to bring your passport, birth certificate, social security card or something official with your number on it, recent pay stub, mail with your address on it, etc. to do so.  Full list of requirements are on the Homeland Security site.  Dont get caught short when you try to get on a plane.    In California appointments are backed up into September at this point.   I don't know about other states....Good luck.....Wouldnt want you to miss the Tigers playing somewhere because you cant get on a plane.....