Yu blo We? MI blon We

Yu blo We? MI blon We


March 13th, 2012, 11:18 pm #1

One day police in Wabag caught a guy along the Highlands Highway with his Home-made pump action.
A new officer from Sepik questioned interogate him at the Police Station in Wabag.

Policeman: Nem blong yu husait?
Accused: Nem bolo mi Yakapus
Policeman: Krismas blong yu em hamas?
Accused: Mi nno save wanem taim mi bon, yu guess

Policeman felt a bit intimidate by his response but he continued.

Policeman: Na yu blong we?
Accused: Mi blon We.

Now policeman really felt this guy was getting on his nerve and got up and slapped him and said,

Policeman: Yu noken play smart long mi huh? yu mas bekim askim gut. Mi tok
yu blong we?
Accused: Mi no ple smass mi dokim yu stret olsem mi blo we.

Policeman really got mad at the man's sarcastic answer and he got up, belted him up with his car fan-belt. He beat him up really badly. When he was still belting the accused, the OIC walked in asked the policeman, why he was belting the accused. The new police officer relayed the story and the OIC, since he knew a bit of tokples Enga asked the accused in tokples. And the accused told him what he told the new policeman.

The OIC told the new policeman that, there is a place called "We" close to Wabag, and the accused was not intimidating him, he was merely saying that he was from "We".
Man kissim pen natin, policeman apologised to the accused and released him with his homemade pump action..