It's In The Way

It's In The Way

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September 17th, 2011, 3:42 am #1

Don't know what it is about you, but now that I got you
I'm taking my time boo, gonna see this thing through
A lot o' guys say you're beautiful, I'm one of them too
I know it's not original, but how else do I describe you?
It's in the way that you walk, in the way that you talk
It's in the way you've become, the strength of my soul

I hope I don't confuse you, with these words I spew
But I'm gonna be true, ain't no way you're getting loose
Ain't no words stronger, than "boo I love you"
Best believe this is true, this is all about you
Babe I'm lost in your smile, and the brown of your eyes
It's in the way you've become, a part of my life

Have I told you you're cool, and baby so smooth?
Have I told you how good, it feels holding you?
Just tryna say how I feel, so I wrote this for you
One and one's not two, but equals me and you
It's in your touch yeah, it's in your laughter
Baby it's in the way..........
You've become my happily ever after.

For LDM, yeah lewalicious, you know who you are girl :)