Dirty Park

Dirty Park


May 9th, 2011, 6:45 am #1

Dirty Park
May 6th 2011

(a lament for the the green lagoon - Yamilon and Idauan)

Another tropical ev'ning
as usual, enchanting.
Someone's turned on the stars
Glinting upon the lagoon waters

Homefires' flames dance
Little lamps luminance
Parade cosy and golden
From yonder shoreline

distant clanks of dinner
someone strumming a guitar

Squeals of delightful laughter
and gruffy grunts of elders

on pearly sands nearby
new lovers giving love a try
sweet endearments in whispers
and sighs of ecstatic pleasure

Silhouettes upon the lagoon waters
to a silent rhythm bobbing gently
canoes with the early night fishers
dangling lines and paddles steady

He takes all this in the dark
with confused emotions
The talked about big marine park
the lagoon it threatens

And then there won't be laughter
nor grunts of delightful pleasure
with discoveries by new lovers
by the bejeweled lagoon waters

The fish would by then have fled
or mutated, diseased or dead
The fishers would be consumers
buying canned fish from traders

The canoes would lie idle
and rot away with their paddles
The nets and lines would be gone
and the lagoon would be desolate and forlorn

no more would glint the stars
upon the murky lagoon waters
What is now paradisiacal
but may become a sewer in hell...

For the champions of the people
have for filthy lucre; silver and gold,
the lagoon waters and their souls
to the devil-hopers they sold

They claim progress and development
which rhymes with the devil's moment
They claim economic necessity
but 'tis all moral insanity...
~~~Manguini-nambis~~~calling from the South Seas~~~



May 19th, 2011, 7:25 am #2

i liked that very much