Wamego's Oztoberfest

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Wamego's Oztoberfest

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07 Sep 2011, 18:40 #1

I hadn't particularly expected to attend this year, but when Robin Olderman suggested we meet John Fricke's flight and drive him in, the chance for a couple hours in the car with him was too great a treat to pass up. So I'll be there Friday night and some time into Saturday. Anyone else?

They're staging The Wiz this year instead of the Wizard of Oz, but we'll skip that to attend a ticketed reception in the museum instead. 

They also announced today that Witches of Oz will be screened. Angelo mentioned that to me weeks ago, so it wasn't a surprise. The community does not have a film theater, and it's my understanding they'll be showing this in the back room of the museum.  It's quite small with a few benches in the middle and a television on a cart last time I remember.  So it won't exactly be a theatrical experience but at least it's something a bit different for those of us who've been to the annual event before.