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17 Aug 2011, 01:08 #1

Mum and I saw this lovely hand-animated (with some assist from CG) movie last night (her treat for me cleaning the kitchen cupboards in 4 hours the other week before) and I couldn't help but note a few Ozzy similarities while actual viewing:

* The title character does slight of hand tricks and is stuck doing the same routine and job about everyday of his elderly life, he travels a lot and interacts with a girl (more a young woman).
* This same young woman, her name is Alice, believes that this man can truly do all these wonderful things and spends most of her time with him and in a place that she had never seen or been to before.   She gets a nice new pair of (red) shoes as a gift because her old shoes have worn out to falling apart, later she also gets a lovely new white coat before later spends the remaining film in a blue and white dress.  She also learns to find out the truth about things like magic and is still kind to others and helps them a bit.
* There's even a scene where we see the REAL MAN of the title character (Jacques Tati).

One surprising piece of an actual Oz connection is the colouring of the film by Jean . . .  oh, never mind.  I thought the colouring was done by someone who does the colouring for the Marvel Oz comics, similar name but DIFFERENT people.

Anyway, it's a nice, lovely hand-animated film with great colours and minimal dialogue, funny and sad at times but a wonderful film.

Did anybody else see or hear about this?