Thank You for the Forums

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Thank You for the Forums

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Dearest Friends and Moderators of the International Wizard of Oz Club Message Forums,

While in Australia I might be a day or a mere 17 hours ahead of you in the US (and may therefore only have the 1st of October to still visit this site), I want to share my gratitude and appreciation for sharing posts here.  You all know how happy I was to join this wonderful online Oz Group 3 or so/less years ago, but before that I HATED Message Boards.  Or rather, to be more accurate, was not really interested in them - can't say for sure how that changed, even with Oz, but you guys certainly brought about that change in me - and while I may have only on a rare occasion posted in a few other message forums, this was my first and most favourite message board to post in.  My Number One Forums to visit.

Here I really got to talk about Oz, much more than I usually do, or did, with Angelo Scandura or the few people I knew and am friends with who like Oz, though they were more into the MGM version.  My sincerest thanks to you for putting up with my posts, threads, and for any of those few times I said something interesting that (I hope) gave you something to think about.   Yet I still feel as though we've only had a short time to be together.

And I want to thank you for showing me much more about the way to visualise Oz, which helped me to come up with my own vision yet also bring to mind Denslow and Neill, whereas before I would merely use tracing paper to put Denslow's brown braids over Neill's slender girl figure, which was just as bad as putting Neill's figure on a Denslow gingham gown (and not as good to look at now) . . . . I now know MUCH BETTER and can do much more pleasing work, and hope to show in the near future.  When I was younger I, like most or everybody else, would only stand for one colour of Dorothy's hair and once did her with yellow hair and red shoes, then went to brown and silver and would disdain the blonde depictions, but I've learned to loosen with portraying Dorothy and have accepted the blonde bob a bit more, now understanding why that look is so often preferred or referenced to in most publications and illustrations, be it professional book or club magazines.  I have also learned to be more aware of her time in story and setting, which has also contributed to my advanced visualisation of Dorothy and what she wears and how she would move and act, though with that awareness I am still hesitant or reluctant about those 'fancy' dollied-up' versions, such as the Japanese manga or anime versions.  Likewise the same is said for her friends, and enemies and places - though the architecture is a different thing for me, but BACK TO THE MESSAGE BOARDS . . .

I have grown on these forums, changed, learned, suggested, befriended, commented, discussed or otherwise socialized to some extent with all you people: moderators, illustrators, writers, fans, visitors, brief visitors and the like.  I do wish I had posted my most recent threads and messages more spread out throughout the years I have been here, and wish there was still time to discuss matters I have always wanted to (the Look of Jellia Jamb, Too Much Oz?) and I wish I had gotten more replies than I did or didn't, but maybe I will be able to get my answers some other way.

We have had some good threads, fun posts, some interesting contributions to a long story, some bad spammers or unnecesarry sales and/or promotions, posters that have needed to be edited or deleted, certainly some tempers blown up and warnings issued, but things like this teach us to be better and more respectable.  If only we could have more of the good stuff . . .

I may have liked and joined the Facebook version of the Club, its Bugle, Winkie Con, Oziana and probably may try to post more often there, but it will not feel the same.  I may even try to contribute some posts of my own on "the Everything Oz Club" when I would have here, but I cannot make any promises.

I will of course continue my own Oz drawings, and especially editing new Oz videos collecting the various depictions, trailers and music videos - so if you can subscribe or at least Friend my (new) Youtube channel account that would be appreciated (here is my old Youtube account before the YT+Google "revolt" ... re=viewall).

I am sad and depressed to be losing such a valid part of my life, as well as the best and first thing I always visit upon going online (after Mail - from the family computer, to my own computer Mail, then unwired and now GMail), so it will be hard to go on the internet and not see this page's availability.  This week I have been wearing my white screen-printed "Oz" shirt that you can *just* see in my Avatar/s in almost every one of my posts (and two of my Facebook photos) to  . . . .  I don't know the right word - commemorate? remember? pay tribute? homage?  - for this sad occasion.   However I have taken the liberty of making a screenshot of the Forums' title design and will see me post it eventually.   THANKS and GREAT WORK to those who worked on that art and title design, Peter Baker unless I'm mistaken.  And all others whose names I don't know or can't remember.   I wish I had been able to share my idea for the banner, truly showing the "International" part of the title.

I wish things could be different, I wish this was not getting closed down and I wish the problem wasn't present or properly resolved.  There may be some people, even from the past, I may not be able to forgive and forget so easily.  But at least I can say I've had this joyful experience of posting and socializing online with the International Wizard of Oz Club Message Forums.

To all the Moderators: Jane, Blair, Eric Gjovaag, Marcus Mebes;  To my Friends: Jared Davis, Tim Hocking, Strasheela, Shawn Maldonado, Eric Shanower, David Maxine, Keyser Sushi, theclone56, Aaron Pacentine; To Fellow Posters: Bell Snickle, marbpl2, dittorsdorf, angelothomas;  To all the Deceased whose names I was not fortunate enough to know and wish I could remember and type properly;  To all those who I met at the 2011 Winkie Convention of "Oz Under the Sea" that do or do not post here but I was nonetheless happy to meet and get acquainted with, then become friends on Facebook;  and to (almost) everyone else I enjoyed sharing the Forums with . . . Thank You, Sorry for any fall-outs or disagreements and Good Luck.

"I think I'll miss you most of all."  Good-bye . . . "I'll never forget any of you.  I love you so much!"  "I love you all!  Good-bye, Good-bye!"

"Good-Bye . . . .

 . . . bye . . .

 . . . good-bye."
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I've been on the forum since before it went to ezboards, which later turned into Yuku. This is the place where I learned to properly post online, and I learned SO MUCH here. Seeing it close doesn't make me happy. I learned so much about Oz and the community. I asked questions, said some dumb things and said some good things. And it's all over.

Goodbye, forum. Let's all try to stay in touch. We got the Facebook pages and groups, and I set up as a sort of tribute to here. And there's the blogs and all, so there's plenty of ways for us Oz fans to keep tabs on each other, we just won't have this place anymore.

Bell Snickle
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I'm gonna miss it too. I'll check the forums out!

Best Oz wishes everyone! :-)