Terrible Accidents / Worst Experience with Oz?

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Terrible Accidents / Worst Experience with Oz?

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Have you ever had an accident, or not-so-good experience/encounter, with Oz or one of its items?

For me it was on a day several years ago, back when I had a smaller bookcase in a different corner of my bedroom, and I was dusting my room.  I took my newest copy of "Adventures in Oz" (#294 of 300) off the shelf, but being a shelf of awkward corners it slipped out of my grasp . . . and . . . fell onto my bedside cabinet, which splintered the spine.  Not completely off, thank goodness . . . but still a good 1/3 chip off the block, so to speak.

Eric Gjovaag
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The 1994 Winkie Convention. It was so bad, I almost didn't come to 1995! It's all in my blog, if you want to read about it, I don't want to rehash it all here…

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For me, there have been so very few bad experiences with Oz and so many MORE positive ones that I am not going to complain too much. But I guess the obvious one is the year that a certain airline would not allow me to carry a suitcase full of books that I was hoping to sell at a Con. The airline assured me that they would get the suitcase there, so I trusted them. Bad idea. I wasted that whole trip and a LOT of money to attend the Con. One of the other "hucksters" was sympathetic to me, and he paid me for my sales table, at least. I hope he sold enough of his own stuff to make it worth his while, but I don't think that was really why he did it.

Another one that is well-known to those who read things that get into the little blurbs in the backs of my Oz books can be found in "The Lunechien Forest of Oz." The book gives more details, but basically Don Reynolds and I went to an Oz Con in his truck, and it suddenly stopped in the middle of the road (while it was raining). A sympathetic couple saw us out there and gave us a ride into civilization. As it turned out, the truck was not broken down at all. Being the super-geniuses that we are, we had just let it run out of gas. Thankfully, none of the books actually got wet, either.

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I try to forget the worst ones. I'm sure there's been worse.

This one time I was recording a podcast, and Skype had just updated. The interviewee, a very kind, patient man, was kindly answering my questions when suddenly I couldn't hear him. He cut back in. He kindly repeated some bits, and was even nice enough to not tell me I'd mispronounced his last name. His wife mentioned it, though...

Another time, a girl was recording for a story podcast and for some reason, the recording program wouldn't record. We tried three times but it wouldn't work. We never got her in.

And one time, I asked a friend if he knew anyone who could record narration, and he offered to do it. Which was, in hindsight, an error.

One time I expressed my ignorant opinion on an older version of the forum in all caps. In reply to Ruth Berman. Which looked like yelling. *Sigh.* My netiquette at the time left much to be desired...
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