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I have been reading TV Tropes recently, and they tell readers of the Patchwork Girl to never build your house of radium. That in a way led me back to this forum.
Besides the Patchwork Girl, I recall various objects made of radium in the series. Could I please have some help finding what these objects were? Did Baum personally own a revigator or express any interest in the "healing" properties of radium?

Thank You.

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The main item that I recall is the Magic Picture. In TikTok of Oz (and only in that source) Ozma's Magic Picture is described as having a radium frame.

A quick search of the Ozmatron reveals that the royal family of Ev game Ozma a diadem of diamonds set in radium in thanks for freeing them.

The sorcerous mineral gaulau is compared to radium, but Glinda assures us that it is quite different.
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