Oz in the Wiz?

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Oz in the Wiz?

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How should the Land of Oz in "The Wiz" look?

Yes I know, I know . . . "Not a dead trashy city like in the 1978 movie!"   This is a serious question that needs consideration, even if there is no new movie involved (that I know of).

But since "The Wiz" is such a unique vision of the story, it's not as simple as placing African-American * looking Oz characters into a Fairyland; the location has to also fit the characters (like Eyvind Earle said for Disney's "Sleeping Beauty").

I don't see much of Africa advertised in papers or TV often, so pardon me if I ask "Is WIZ's Oz like a flowery version of Africa with Munchkin huts and a Glamorous green city of Jade?"

What about this Dorothy's Kansas?   Less poor-looking than the 1900 version?

Yes, there is the original Stage version, but that's the thing:  Even with the virtual coffee table site, there aren't that many photos that show the artistry of this background or scenery, and even with imagination the portrayal of this Oz can be limited.

* Is it wrong to still say 'black' or is A-A alright or what?  I can never be sure, and I like them!

I do know that I would like to keep the 'Poppy Girls/Ladies' to allure Dorothy and Lion, and I would see the Yellow Brick Road as jagged blocks instead of the traditional rectangular shape, but . . . . what else?

Feel free to join in any time now, please.
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