It's been a fun ride!!!

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It's been a fun ride!!!

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30 Sep 2011, 23:41 #1

Like Samofoz, I too wanna extend my gratitude to the fine folks of the IWOC Forum. Without their support and gentle guidance regarding the World of Oz, I might never have been as successful as I have been to date.

I especially wanna thank Marcus Mebes, who was the first to reach out to me when I first came on board the IWOC Forum and expressed my desire to fulfill a Royal Command from Her Majesty, Princess Ozma and publish the first of what would become the Royal Magician of Oz trilogy, that being Magician of Oz. Without his help and guidance, I would not be where I am today. He first set my feet upon the path of yellow brick and instructed me about formatting and publishing in the modern world. And though we have disagreed on many things, his passion for Oz has inspired me to excel in my writings of Oz. The acceptance of so many kids who have proclaimed my work to be quite good gives me great pride and I thank Marcus for making all that possible.

I would also thank Blair Frodelius for his kindness and willingness to accept me for who I am and not looking to transform me into something I am not. He made me aware of a sad situation that had served to inspire others and that willingness to think about the deep dark hole I was in at that moment in Time and help me out of it truly describes what it means to embrace the Spirit of Oz. I will be forever grateful to him for reaching out and helping me up from the Darkness.

To Jane Albright and the remaining Elders of the IWOC, I am also grateful for not being to critical of my wayward spirit and my often overbearing attitudes. For what it's worth, they have guided my thinking and allowed me to express what often times were difficult thoughts... and occasionally prevented me from making a complete fool of myself. I am also grateful to Jane for letting me do some volunteer work for the IWOC and give back to this fine organization. I hope to continue offering my services when the need arises.

To Jared, Sam and any others who I have managed to upset with my opinions, points of view and overall ramblings of Oz, I thank you for the chance to engage in a good argument. Without conflict, we cannot grow and I feel we have grown up a bit... and still we have room for more growth.

And finally, to L. Frank Baum, I give thanks for his wonderful vision. Without it, this world would be a less magical place.

I look forward to the future and my place in Oz and wish all of you the best Life has to offer!

Per ardua ad alta! Totus vos postulo est Amor!!!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma
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