In Search of A. Jenkins

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In Search of A. Jenkins

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06 Sep 2011, 03:09 #1

While going over some of the Oz manuscripts on this computer, I came upon a cute Oz novel by Aaron Jenkins. It has the title "A Dreamer in Oz," which I'm sure I probably suggested that he change because of the similarity to the John Ritter TV movie. The story has nothing to do with that movie at all.

If memory serves, Mr. Jenkins had already hired an illustrator that he had found on DeviantArt. That illustrator pooped out on us, but I had hoped the book could still see publication with different illustrations. That was quite a while back in history Image

I still think the story is cute and I am still interested. If anyone can get me back in touch with Mr. Jenkins and things work out, I will be sure to give you a "Thank you" in the book, as well as a free copy.