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EmeraldEngine: Hidden Histories

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Greetings all,

I found this forum while browsing Oz material for some stories I'm writing, exploring the Hidden History of Oz.  I believe that L. Frank Baum was not permitted to write all that he knew. The world wasn't ready for a crystal clear image of the magical land.

My goal is to stay true to the spirit of the Oz books as written by Baum. He had some trouble with continuity. Understandable, considering he lived in at least two worlds. Notice that he brought characters from his other worlds into Oz in his later books? Why? What was he distracting us from? What about all of the references to the past, hidden in plain sight?

That begins my exploration of the Hidden History of Oz.

I'm a writer living in Texas, USA in the daytime, and drifting between worlds in dreamtime. 

I'm looking forward to meeting, conversing and getting to know other Ozzian writers, artists and afficionados.
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Marcus Mebes
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Welcome! If you need any advice, feel free to email me. I help lots of folks with their books. You can send me a message on this site.

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As always, Marcus is the first to reach out to new members. EmeraldEngine, please take the advice of Marcus and get in touch with him. His help is invaluable, incredible and incalculable. He helped me before anyone else and I can't thank him enough for that help.