Chadwick's "Wizard" - 2 Title Screens?

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Chadwick's "Wizard" - 2 Title Screens?

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Can anybody provide information on why the 1925 film version of the L. Frank Baum story has two different screen titles please?

The two screens are Image (appears in Google Image) and Image the 2005/9 DVD coloured remaster.   I *think* there's a third one unless I'm mistaken . . .

"Patchwork Girl of Oz", I'm not confused about.
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This other one?


Perhaps it was created for lack of the original opening, like we see on the Warner editions?

Perhaps the print used for other video versions had a new title screen added because the original was not on it. This one doesn't match the actual text screens, and we know it has been done with other films. The title screen on His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz is actually a new one by Dick Martin that contains a factual error.
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The first title screen (from the remaster) looks a lot better. The second seems to be a more generic 'quickie' version for a reissue.