Hello everyone - where are you all at?

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April 29th, 2018, 3:25 am #1

Hi ladies, I see we have a new forum.. I got used to the other one and now i'm trying to figure this out. Sorry for not being more active.. I've been pretty much waiting, waiting, waiting.. I've had my lap to excise all endo and have just started the lupron down regulation cycle. So, I started 10iu lupron 7 days after i ovulated and dropped the dose to 5iu on CD2 and started 300iu Gonal F. I did my first bloods on CD5 and oestrogen was around 35, but it was early days. I'm just happy that my LH is not profoundly suppressed.

Not sure lupron is the best for me, but my body recruits follicles early and i have no idea what protocol prevents recruitment of a dominant follicle.. I am considering a flare cycle after this one. I will be doing a freeze all and banking.. 

Where is everyone else at?

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