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G R A P H I C . B A T T L E S
You're welcome and encouraged to participate in or create new battles at any time. If you're participating in a battle, it's your job to follow the specifications of the person who created the battle so that everything stays fair. If you're creating a battle, you should make everything as fair as possible in order to achieve maximum competition! Please Note: These are called 'Graphic Battles', but other battles (writing, singing, etc.) are allowed as well. Just post it up and we'll confirm whether or not it's fit to be in here!

Template for Battles:
This is not required, but recommended. Erase everything in parentheses.

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[b]Battle Type:[/b] (Prints, buttons, etc.)
[b]Inspiration Images:[/b] (If applicable)
[b]Token Entry Fee:[/b] (How many tokens does it cost to enter? Note: token fees should be sent to the creator, but then repaid out to the winner, who takes all (or runner up takes less, etc.).)
[b]Due Date:[/b]
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