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Grand Summoners Forum
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Our site is all about Grand Summoners, the popular mobile game! We have all the information you need regarding Grand Summoners, including things such as but not limited to:
  1. The only Grand Summoners Global Unit Tier List created by a group of highly competitive and veterans of the game!
  2. Detail reviews of EACH 5 star unit!
  3. Grand Summoners FAQ (Answer all those questions you have)
  4. Grand Summoners Beginner's Guide (For all those beginners who are just a bit confused)
  5. Event Timer to keep track of how long is left on the most recent event!
  6. News on the newest events and information before they even come out!
  7. We have TONS of youtube and streamers that put content out for Grand Summoners
  8. And we have plenty more to offer!
We also work closely together with the Grand Summoners Discord and Grand Summoners sub-reddit as well!

So please come on down and join us!