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Welcome to the Outlander Book Club! 

We are so glad you've joined us to discuss all things Outlander, which we just absolutely love.  Please feel free to start new threads and jump right into the discussion.  There are games and all kinds of other fun things on the site, including forums for other books.  

We do ask three things before you start posting:

1. Please note that all new members are required to start by introducing themselves here. Tell us just a bit about yourself ~ without giving away any book spoilers ~ and give other members a chance to welcome you! 

2.  The OBC is proud of a being a site which emphasizes respect and consideration. We expect our members to “play nice.” Be sure to read our forum rules, so you'll know what's expected. 

3.  Please read our Spoiler Policy.  Be aware any posts which do not comply with the spoiler policy will be subject to editing (by the poster or moderator) and/or deleted. 

From time to time, the OBC moderators may contact you regarding the content of a post. Our role is to keep all discussions consistent with our spoiler policies, to keep our many discussion threads organized and on track, and to make sure all discussions and posts uphold the high standards of consideration and respect for which OBC is known. If we need to edit, move, or delete a post you've written, we'll always contact you to let you know about the change. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM any of the moderators (the members of Clan Fraser in red). Thanks for joining us and I do hope we'll see you posting soon!

Please note your first few posts will require moderator approval. As soon as you post an introduction, your settings will change, and from that point forward you'll be able to post without needing further approval. 

Once again, welcome!
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