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Two articles about the Comte de Saint Germain - who apparently wasn't named Paul Rakoczy - so yeah, maybe it's a descendant. Anyway, I came across him in a book of "unsolved mysteries" one day in the school I teach at and that inspired me to look him up on the internet. ... rtal-count
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***Spoiler Alert***

The Outlandish Companion, Volume II, may be of assistance regarding the discussion of Le Comte St. Germain. Please see page 350 for discussion of that character.

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Wow, great discussion everyone! Like many, my mind is awhirl with 17 pages of comments of questions, possibilities and speculations.

Well, I was thinking that the Comte's abduction of Joan had a parallel with Geillis' of Ian - that they would somehow help protect in TT to the future, which Geillis also thought more dangerous than TT to the past, and which Master Raymond confirms in SB. I tend to think Mélisande shared that info along with the afile powder, sex magic and who knows what else with the Comte. My only question on that is, Geillis clearly intended to sacrifice Ian in fire in Abandawe, whereas the Comte didn't intend harm to Joan. So it sounds like he is more benign than she. I definitely felt more sympathetic to him in SB.

As for coming out some distance from the stones, I think we see the seed of that in the fairy dun myths of the Scots. OL 8 “And women trapped in the rocks of fairy duns,” I see the "in" here as virtually synonymous with "under" and representing the past. Going to the past, Claire comes out under or rather, below, at the foot of the hill. Otter Tooth also comes out some distance away. I'm not sure where Claire comes out on her return to 1948, but the Laird of Balnain's wife on returning to her original present (in the future) is among the stones on the hill, so maybe that makes some difference to the danger of going to the future - TTs are not thrown free of the stones' proximity or power and could more easily get caught in the space between. Just a theory ... and I'm not sure of Brianna and Roger's locations when they come back to the the 20th century. The only reference I found was “after their emergence from the stones on Ocracoke”, so maybe they came out "among" them too. It will be interesting to watch the prepositional choices in Book 9 if we get more detail on their recent TT experiences to Brian and Jenny's time, their return to the 70s and backward return to Fraser's Ridge, depending on where they come through, of course. I guess it's even possible the underground portals are naturally more conducive to allowing time traveller passage out of the hill of the past ... to higher ground and the future, given the fairy myths.

I was thinking Rakoczy might have been The Comte, in Leaf, but since DG has quashed that ...hmmm... Master Raymond, being the father of TTs, may not be bound to the approximate 202 year limitation and can go to when he will. Maybe he's learned a few tricks in his times. I guess it's possible MR took the Comte to the past, but think it more likely he did take the Comte to the future, because the Comte had already done all the magic pentacle/pentagram gem stuff in preparation for that direction and Raymond could perhaps take him through more safely. So not to Paul Rakoczy's (of Leaf's) adult time, but maybe to roughly when Claire was born. The Comte could have fathered a son then, giving him his own name, Paul Rakoczy.

I agree with the theory that the daughter MR is looking for is Claire - MR was in Vermont, New Hampshire very near Boston, with the Montauk 5 in 1968. Maybe he was searching for her then and there too, but missed her because she was in Scotland for the summer of that year, returning in September, and leaving again October. MR must have been distracted by Otter Tooth and cohorts, because they went through on November 1. MR was still around then, but Claire had already gone again.

I must say I am enjoying the Blue (TT/Healer/Space Between) Aura information we get in SB. It makes me ponder again on the contrast between that and the Red Man motif. Apart from the Life/Death contrast, it seems like Claire and Jamie's union is immensely powerful for bringing those oppositions into harmony. After all, it's Claire who can bodily pass through the stones, but Jamie, with that matter-of-fact Highland acceptance of life, death, and things not seen (ECHO 21) is the one whose ghost/spirit can pierce the veil of time (and both Jem and Mandy pick up on it). It's satisfying that Claire and Jamie can both do it, but on different planes of existence.
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I wonder why Master Raymond would be searching for Claire? Does he think that she's in some sort of danger or does he just want to check up on her like a father/grandfather would?

Also, if Raymond and St. Germain survived the crossing, where in the future do you think they ended up?

And also, Raymond said that he was looking for a lost daughter. I'm not so sure about the lost daughter being Claire, because it seems too obvious. Of course we'd jump to the conclusion that he's searching for Claire, when he mentioned a lost daughter. And Claire doesn't seem to be lost at all (or at least not at the point of time she's in now). It seems to me that the daughter being lost is the problem. 'Lost' seems to imply to me that the daughter is missing and 'can't find her way'. So I don't think Claire is the 'lost daughter', because it doesn't look like she's really lost in the way Raymond implies.

I've come up with a 'theory' that the 'lost daughter' could actually be Mandy. This might be really far-fetched, I know, but the thought just came to me now. :) Mandy is a toddler in ECHO, but she'll eventually grow up and become an adult. Maybe Raymond met her at some point in the future? We know that both Jem and Mandy have super-time-traveller abilities--it's possible that this would make them more resistance to the dangers of moving between times. Maybe they end up time-hopping a lot as adults? So, what I'm trying to suggest with this theory is that maybe Mandy was time-hopping and ended up lost in time, and Raymond is searching for her. Maybe this is too far-fetched, since Roger and Bree are so wary of time travel and they'd surely raise their children to be wary of it too, or at least very aware of its dangers and how too much time-hopping would be dangerous for them. Still, I thought I'd add this possibility to the list of possible women who could be the 'lost daughter' Raymond spoke of. :)

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I thought that Le Comte is Fergus's father. Any thoughts?
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