TECH: How to Insert Quotes in a Post

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There are a few ways to insert quotes in a post:

1) To quote an entire post, click the reply button under the post.

2) To quote a portion of a post, click the reply button, then select the parts you don't want to quote and delete them.

3) To quote portions of multiple posts or insert quotes midway through your own post, there are several steps to follow:
  • Highlight and copy the section you want to quote.
  • In your own post, click the full editor option.
  • Paste the selection you want to quote where you want it, highlight, then click on the quotation marks in the menu ribbon to turn the passage into a quote.
  • To attribute to the original author, click on the three dots in the menu ribbon, then on View As Original Post so that formatting codes are displayed. You'll see that the quoted section has the word quote in brackets. Add ="name" (insert the name of the original author instead of the word name) after the word quote and before the bracket. Below is an example of how it will look:
Lisa SF wrote: Here's what a quoted passage with the author displayed will look like.
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