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May 18th, 2018, 1:14 am #31

I saw that 5 & 6 had been authorized, but, I must admit, I've been so distracted by other things I didn't actually read the articles. I assumed they would be 13 episodes also! The Fiery Cross does have a lot that could be cut. ABOSAA might be trickier. 
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I agree with you. Fiery Cross has lots of detail about small items which would be easily translated to visual images. ABOSAA has a very intricate story line with lots of characters, several of whom recur later on and several of the story lines have implications further down the line. It seems contradictory for the producers to reduce the number of episodes just when the books get longer and more complex. All I can say is that this is two years down the road so there's plenty of time to change their minds.
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So glad to hear about Seasons 5 and 6!  I gotta be honest here, Fiery Cross is not my favorite book, I'm trying to do a re-kilt of it now and just can't seem to keep going.  Any suggestions?