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Season three of the Starz TV series begins September 10, 2017!

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April 16th, 2018, 8:50 pm #61

I'm curious to revisit this thread now that season three has been viewed in it's glorious entirety 

I agree with many of the above sentiments about season 2 and the lack of connection & tenderness between J&C. There was one episode in particular in season 2 (don't remember exactly which..) where J&C are talking in a dining room of some sort and after the conversation he says "Goodnight" and walks off.... ?!?!?! Some of my favorite parts of the book are the moments of J&C ending their day in bed together (either just talking, recapping their day, OR sex), as to me that is the epitome of marriage, having that person to end your day with, every day . I could NOT believe they wrote the scene that way, with him just walking off like Oh, well bye then! NO WAY, that is not our J&C. But, I digress...

What does everyone think about how season 3 handled this??  (I don't have time to write my own thoughts now but will come back)

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April 17th, 2018, 9:09 pm #62

I have a feeling that the producers got the message from fans loud and clear about the lack of emotional connection (and lovemaking) in Season 2 and made sure to include it in Season 3.  In Season 2 it seemed as though the producers/writers were interested in creating tension and misunderstanding between Jamie and Claire where there wasn't in the book.  Yes, Jamie had PTSD, and it affected their relationship, but they were still more connected than what was portrayed onscreen.  Now I digressed...

Season 3, to me, included more of the relationship that Jamie and Claire had; emotional, sexual, humour, anger, etc as well as keeping the story tension going.  It seemed more true to the well-rounded relationship they have in the book.  

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April 17th, 2018, 9:42 pm #63

Zahia wrote:Season 3, to me, included more of the relationship that Jamie and Claire had; emotional, sexual, humour, anger, etc as well as keeping the story tension going.  It seemed more true to the well-rounded relationship they have in the book.  

I thought Sam did a great job portraying Jamie's love for Claire even during his time away from her- anytime her name was mentioned or vaguely referenced you could see it in his eyes which I thought was wonderful. The writers gave us a few unexpected references to her- paraphrasing here but Jamie mentions "a lass that knew a bit about healing", and the addition of Murtagh's mention of praying for her and the child was so sweet. Even though J&C were not together in these scenes I feel like they went a long way to deepen their relationship and give us some of that connection we wanted in S2- excellent adaptation to screen to accomplish this.

The way they wrote Claire's time during the 20 years was not as meaningful to me in terms of her longing for Jamie but that's likely due to the abundance of Frank screen time (not a Frank fan here, I'll admit my bias- totally agree with this bloggers thoughts on the subject: and the fact that she had to essentially turn that part of her life OFF just to function. 

We finally get J&C back together in 306 and the print shop scene is epic. The writers totally lose me with episode 7 (all that time on the surgery of the exciseman?? really??), but pull it back together in episode 8- minus that heinous part on the cliff where Jamie finally says his epic line about accepting the man he is now and Claire doesn't answer (!!)

From this point through the rest of the season, I feel like we're finally seeing Book Jamie and Book Claire together at last . I thought the change when she finds out he's doing acupuncture for his seasickness was really cute, and very J&C like even though it didn't happen that way in the book.  I would love to read the thread on here (book vs TV J&C) but they are open to ALL books and I'm only mid-way through ABOSAA  

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April 19th, 2018, 2:39 pm #64

Claire did turn off her emotions for much of the time she spent apart from Jamie, but I thought she opened the door to her heart just a crack and she showed us just how deeply she longed for Jamie when Frank asked Claire if she could have ever forgotten Jamie...she said "that amount of time doesn't exist".  Talk about crisis management of your heart...for 20 years!  She went through one of the most horrible things in life, to lose the love of your life, and kept a lid on her emotions and her heart, but at a great cost I think.  At that moment (in the show) Claire may have also be feeling regret for Frank that she was not able to love him as he deserved for those 20 years.  So much pain that she (mostly) ignored in her life.  

Episode 7 was a bit of an odd one.  Just after the touching and wonderful Episode 6, Claire and Jamie are at odds again.  I think the producers/writers were trying to show that Jamie and Claire needed to find their rhythm again, in and out of bed.  It does make sense that there would be a whole lot of issues that they have to deal with (a lot of hurts and a lot of questions), but the one part that didn't make sense to me (and I think I mentioned it in the Episode 7 thread) was after Jamie says that when Claire walked back into his life it was as though the sun came out...she just walks out the door to a potential patient, without a passionate kiss, or even a hug!  That was weird.  

Anyway, all in all, I have loved most of how they have been portrayed in Season 3, and it makes me excited (even more!) to see Season 4!  How many more months?

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April 19th, 2018, 9:02 pm #65

I'm coming very late to this discussion. And I might be committing sacrilege, but here this has been bothering me since the end of season 1. So here it goes.....

I found Jamie sulky and whiney in To Ransom a Man's Soul. Yes, yes, I know what he's just been through, but he handles it so much differently in the books. And he doesn't express the wish to die until they've been at the Abbey for some time.

The Je Suis Prest is one of my favorite episodes because, at last, I'm seeing the Jamie worthy of the books.

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April 20th, 2018, 3:16 pm #66

Don't worry about being sacrilege, you aren't alone in your sentiments.  There are lots of comments about the lack of 'book Jamie' in the show, especially in the episode threads.  This is a great site for all to be able to express and discuss their thoughts on all things Outlander, so feel free to comment on anything!

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April 20th, 2018, 9:34 pm #67

Yes, this site has been very welcoming of all opinions from what I've seen! 

I love the episode Je Suis Pres as well