SCOTLAND: Bardic Tradition-Five Denials on Merlin's Grave

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A friend of mine sent this to me and I thought to share with you. Five Denials on Merlin's grave is by Robin Williamson. This is the story of the five invasions of Brittian. It is a poem in Bardic formate. The best way to hear this is with head phones or someplace where you have no interruption. And, you may need to listen more than once. Hearing it through is worth the effort!

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If I can find the time - and I have to say this week and next are not looking promising - I'll try to listen to this. I heard just a bit at the beginning and it sounds like a good listen, but things are nuts at the moment. Thanks for sharing the link.

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Audio, I hope you get a chance.This epic style is a little difficult to catch. We are so used to reading or watching for our entertainment. Culturally we as a whole have lost much patience!I was interested, not only because of the content, but also because this is how ancient cultures passed their stories and history. There is a scene in OL where Claire is present at the hall where a bard is speaking and I thought others might be interested in what she might have heard. For those interested in the bardic tradition and songs both new and ancient Robin Williamson is a good choice.