OL SERIES: Car accidents not "accidents"?

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😀Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read "Written in My Own Heart's Blood" read at own risk!

I'm in the middle of listening to MOBY for the second time, and just got through the letter Frank wrote to Brianna about her parentage and ability to time travel. It occurred to me that when Frank was talking about investigating who created the Fraser family tree with Brianna listed as Jamie and Claire's daughter, that he may have actually found who created the tree or came close to finding them. He was very concerned they would find Brianna and take advantage of her abilities. So my question is, what if Frank's car accident wasn't an accident at all, but caused by the people who are after Brianna in MOBY? Could Frank have gotten too close and was disrupting their plans? Could his plan to take Brianna to England been to send her through the stones and to safety? He suggests her going into the past if she feels she if they find her because he knew Jamie would protect her as well.

I am also wondering if perhaps Claire's parents' death by car accident was not an accident either. We do not know much about Claire's family tree, but she inherited her ability to travel through the stones from one if not both of her parents, so could the same people in MOBY, or those connected to the ones, chasing Brianna, have caused Claire's parents' death as well?

DG doesn't seem to put random facts or coincidences in her books, so I feel there must be some type of connection.

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Yes, I wondered about that. It did seem a strange coincidence that both Claire's parents and Frank died in car accidents. I believe Claire thinks time traveling in a recessive gene, so she must have gotten it through both her parents. While Jamie doesn't have the trait, he may have the gene through the McKenzies.

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I've always been intrigued by the car accident that killed Claire's parents. What I always wonder is what if they were actually time travelers themselves and the car accident was just a cover story.
I hadn't made the connection between Frank's accident and the people chasing Bree but it sounds like a valid question to me.
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People have asked Diana that question before and she has said, no, she has no great scheme for Claire’s parents’ deaths to have been anything other than an accident. I think she just wanted Claire to have few ties to the 20th century so it wasn’t so difficult for her to choose to stay with Jamie. The story is continually evolving, though, so she said it is possible she could change her mind and make their deaths due to something more intriguing if she thinks of a good storyline.
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