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Please join me in congratulating Hevva (Heather) on her OBC Member Spotlight this month:clap: It is a great pleasure to get to know her better. 
Thank you, hevva, for being a part of the OBC and for sharing your thoughts about the books we love!

1.  Where did you grow up? 
Australia…as a child my family moved a lot and we even spent a couple of years in NZ. I went to Sydney to work & study and as soon as I finished Nursing School I went to the UK and did as much traveling in Europe as I could in the next few years before I came home. I went to the US in 1981 after I married an American.

2.   Are you married? If so, how did you meet your husband? 
I was widowed in 1994 and was happy on my own until my Mum became ill & I returned home in 2003 after 23 years in the US (big transition). I met my second victim online. I responded to his ad because it made me laugh while I was planning my move & we met a few weeks after I arrived when the timing seemed absolutely absurd but I am blessed to have another really good life partnership… we still make each other laugh!

3.   Do you have any kiddos or fur babies? 
I have 3 step kids in Florida, 2 more step kids and one of my own who lives close by here on the Gold Coast, Queensland. I love all animals, our much-loved cat Felix left us in July after 14 ½ years and we have just adopted a very scared & timid but beautiful little Bengal girl called Isis (after the Goddess) as the house seemed unbelievably empty.

4. What are your current hobbies, interests, etc? 
We have a little sailboat. Felix used to come with us  on long voyages  and one year he wrote a ‘log’ called “Felix Afloat” where he was very resentful sometimes! I love to cook and maintain a sustainable garden that thrives on neglect. We live in a 60’s house that is walking distance to the beach and there is a regular gang of native birds that come for a feed including kookaburras who will sit on the balcony rail and eat from our hands. I love to spend time just watching the sea and swim when I can. Above all else I love to read & I have access to a wonderful library system with the local branch just down the hill at the end of our street. I want to do more travelling. I love movies but watch very little TV apart from series like Outlander or Game of Thrones.

5. What is your professional background? 
42 years of being a nurse in 3 countries first Oncology & for the last 25 years …ICU or Critical Care. I retired 5 years ago and although I miss the social element I was ready to say goodbye to 12 hour shifts & night duty! I loved my job. I also spent 2 extraordinary years as a Transplant Donor Co-ordinator and have a lifelong commitment to the field.

6. Do you have a blog? Website? Live Journal? Myspace? Facebook? If so can we have the links? 
Just Facebook but I am very random with social media.

7.  Any current books you are reading?
I love good writing of all kinds but most recently…Bellewether  by Susannah Kearsley…The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny…Sea Dog Bamse, World War II Canine Hero: Angus Whitson & Andrew Orr.

8. What are your top 3 all-time favorite books? 
The Dorothy Dunnett Lymond Chronicles would be my Desert Island choice but I love fantasy and have been a LOTR groupie for 50 years. I have even down loaded an elvish font for Microsoft!!!
9. What is the inside of your house like? Decorated? Organized? Spotless? Messy? Cluttered? Can't see the floor? Can't find the children or pets? 
Ah. A year or so ago we combined two households when my MIL went to Aged Care because of dementia ( she is 98) so the upstairs is fairly uncluttered but a bit crowded and the downstairs TV room, study, laundry and under-croft storage area ‘The Nook’ are still a work in progress. I have a purple 60’s bathroom & a brown laminate kitchen. I call it Early Salvation Army.

10. If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go & why? 
I would love to show the UK  & the US to my Beloved. We have been to Hungary ( his birthplace…parents escaped after the war) We love a place in Thailand called Paradise Koh Yao and early this year we went to Italy & did a Med cruise which was wonderful as we both love classical stuff. I would love another long cruise on our boat if responsibilities, age & infirmity permit! That would be my dream.

11. What is the one thing you love best about the Outlander Book Club? 
The chance to share ideas & talk about much loved books & authors with like-minded souls!

12. What's the coolest date you have ever been on with your spouse? 
The Jimmy Buffett concert where Jimmy fell off the stage & cracked his head open or our first dinner date when I was living with my teetotal vegetarian Mum, I was asked where I wanted to go and my reply was “Anywhere with meat & alcohol” or the surprise kidnap overnight country farm house stay with a gourmet dinner & breakfast hamper to share in front of a wood fire surrounded by rainforest (outside) & supreme comfort & gorgeous art (inside).

13. What are your favorite bands/musicians?  
You will hear everything except rap here. We have tons of music. Hugh Laurie & the Copper Bottomed Band, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Mark Knopfler, The Highwaymen, Rod McKuen, Blues, Kurt Elling, Opera, Classical guitar. I could go on & on. Can you say eclectic?

14. How has your life changed since you discovered "Outlander"? 
I adore the Outlander books & the series. I was surprised when my Beloved liked the series so much and then started reading when I stole a copy of The Scottish Prisoner whilst on holiday and  is currently reading A Breath Of Snow and Ashes. I dunno about the John Grey books though, he already says there is too much ‘bonking’…the boy on boy sex scenes might be too much for him!!!
15. Is there anything else you wish to share? 
There is no better gift than ‘the joy of recognition’… it underlies all the best friendships and interactions. I raise a toast to the OBC and all of the lovely people, ideas, opinions and lives I get to know of, through this fabulous forum.  Thank you all. Heather.

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So nice to learn more about you Heather!  How wonderful that you've lived in so many different places and traveled to more.  I love that you are also a LotR fan.  That was really my first introduction to fandom stuff - after the movies came out, though I had read the books years earlier.

My husband wouldn't even consider reading the Outlander books, so even if yours won't read the LJ ones, I think you're doing pretty well.  :lol:

Thanks for sharing more about your life with all of us!  :flower:

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Thanks for sharing your life with us Heather. I very much enjoyed learning more about you. Living on Australia's Gold Coast sounds lovely. What a great place to retire to - and Kookaburras! 🐦That sounds so incredibly exotic! :flower:
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What a lovely spotlight! Hevva, it is so great to learn more about your life. Your marriage sounds very romantic, and also full of laughs, which is key to making love last. I love hearing about all your adventures, on land and at sea, and wish you many more!
"There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books." - Irving Stone

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Heather, I loved reading about you and learning more.  How interesting all your adventures and accomplishments are.  

Thank you for sharing with us.   I wish we lived closer.  I'd love to meet you.  
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I have so much respect for health care workers - it must have been amazingly satisfying to work in the Transplant Donor area.  You and Dorothy Dunnett have sailing in common - I presume you've read the Dolly books? 

Great to hear you spent some time across the ditch here, and I do hope we can catch up sometime face to face .. it's not that far!

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Glad to learn more about you, Hevva! 

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Thank you Hevva for sharing your life with us here at the OBC. You’ve lived an interesting life and deserve to kick back and enjoy some travel and reading time and the occasional visit of kookaburras

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Lovely to know more about you Hevva. It feels like you’ve turned a full circle and found happiness in all parts of the world you’ve lived in. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for all the lovely comments. I so enjoy this forum....when I win Lotto I think it would be fun to host an OBC meetup...maybe Hawaii, Provence or Scotland and we can all swap stories!!!
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Heather, what a wonderful and fulfilling life you've led! Bless you for caring for the sick. I truly admire you. 

I know how you feel about losing Felix. We have lived long enough now to have parted with so many beloved kitties. We also found the only solace is to bring a new feline friend into our home. 
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Heather, thanks for sharing your background. How wonderful that you can laugh together; it sounds like you are truly blessed. I hope that you manage another trip on your sailboat, and if you plan an OBC get-together, count me in. I notice that you are a fan of Louise Penny. I started reading her series after reading that she was a favourite of DG's, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the books I have read so far (I think I am up to #11 in the Gamache series). I have discovered so many wonderful authors through the OBC (eg DD), that I'll never have time to read all the books on my list.

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Heather, thanks so much for sharing all these stories of your fascinating life. Your house and your "beach kookaburras" sound awesome! I'm happy to know you're another fantasy lover (I think I've been an LoTR fan almost as long as you, although sadly I never learned Elvish!)  I've never read Louise Penny or more than the first Outlander book, but if you like those, I should give them a try. Your sailing adventures sound amazingly wonderful, especially with Felix. I know how difficult it is to lose a beloved kitty, but I'm sure all those memories of  "Felix Afloat" helps, and also your new little Isis. I'm having a hard time picturing a cat on a sailboat, I can't imagine mine coping too well...Felix must have been very special!

I so enjoy your always-insightful posts on the Dunnett discussions, and appreciate getting to know you better. As you say, the "joy of recognition" abounds on this forum, and I'd love to join in an OBC gathering if you ever plan one! Wishing you many blessings and good times to come - Marjie

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Proof of Felix Afloat. Copy of Photo_061507_001.jpg Admittedly at anchor. Thanks for all the lovely comments

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Thanks for sharing the pic, Heather!  :flower: