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Hi all - I'm a retired high school librarian with 2 grown daughters, a husband of 40+ years, and the Best.Dog.Ever. (but I may be a bit biased here.) And like you, Outlander has gotten into my blood and brain. When I'm not re-reading -- re-kilting, is it? -- I'm looking at O pages on FB, reading about it, and more. I was very excited to find this forum. I love the TV series, of course, but the books are my first love in the world of Outlander. Very happy to be here.

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Welcome, librinbats! It's great to meet you! I hope you'll jump in and share your thoughts about the books and all things Outlander. If you need any helping finding your way around the forum, please contact any of the OBC moderators ("Clan Fraser" - names in red). Enjoy!
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Welcome Librinbats! :Melissa:  So glad you've joined us and that you enjoy the books and the show!

Have you read the Lord John books and other shorter pieces?  If so, you are welcome to join us as we discuss two chapters per week of The Scottish Prisoner.

I look forward to chatting with you! :flower:

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Welcome!  So glad you joined, Librinbats.  This is the perfect site for you.  I'm a fan of the books and the show.  There will be lots to chat about.  

I look forward to reading your thoughts.  
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Yes, I'm a very big fan of Lord John and all his stories, and the other, non-LJ stories also.

I'll be reading along in the discussions and will jump in here and there. Thanks for letting me in!

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