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Welcome to the Outlander Book Club! We are very glad you are here. To keep things fun (and safe) we ask you to abide by the following rules:

1. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: You must be 18 years age or older.
3. Keep 'net speak' to a bare minimum. We are fans of grammar and spelling.
4. NO CHARACTER BASHING. This is a FAN site for Diana Gabaldon’s books.
5. No Role Playing.
6. BE NICE! You may disagree, but please do so politely and with respect for other members.
8. NO RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS, except as they pertain to the books.
9. NO FOUL LANGUAGE. Keep it clean and family friendly.
10. LINKS TO PICTURES and/or OTHER WEB SITES: Keep it clean and family friendly (no bare chests, please).*
11. Protect your personal information.
12. Alert any moderator of posts with questionable content or a suspicious member.
13. USER NAME and MEMBERSHIP: the name under which you register is the name you will keep, so please choose wisely.
14. TO CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP: please send an email with your user name to with 'delete membership' in the subject line of the email.
15. SPOILERS: Spoilers which break copyright laws are not permitted. This includes links to illegal postings on other sites or blogs. When posting legal spoilers, please indicate so with “Spoilers!” in the topic line to prevent ruining it for others.
16. Diana Gabaldon is vehemently opposed to fan-fiction. All fan-fiction postings, and links to postings, will be deleted.
17. Your ability to post and participate on this discussion group is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to these rules. This is a private forum, and we have the right to deny access to anyone we believe to be in violation of the rules. Your privilege to post and participate in this privately owned forum can be revoked at will by the site administrator.

*Regarding 'no bare chests': this rule is in place to thwart posting of sexually suggestive images. There is an exception to this rule: bare-chested images from the STARZ production may be posted in the STARZ forum. These images are subject to moderator discretion and may be deleted if deemed too sexually suggestive for the site.

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