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:thanks: Many thanks everybody for all the encouragement. I'm actually not in the first chapter but have gotten to the part where they sail the river and find out pirates were sometimes tied so they would drown, another unpleasant fact :( . So I'll try not be too "squeamish" and wait for better things to come. Also, I'm still waiting to be "caught up" in the reading again so it's a good thing to hear that I'm not the first and that it happens a little later in this book.

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Riki - Just wanted to add a brief message of encouragement to the wonderful posts people have already made. I haven't re-kilted Drums in a while, so I'm excited to be revisiting it, but I don't think there is any more bad than we've seen already in earlier books. And, I remember on my first time through that I really enjoyed it. I recently read an old post (or email?) where I wrote that Outlander, DiA and Drums were my favorites in the series and I hope to see on this re-kilt if I still consider that true.

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Laura, thanks for the post. I never thought of the stories in trippletts. I think you are correct! That means I hope Diane does to so there will be yet another book! Drums definitely sets the background for the next 2 books. I agree, I would read through before I went back to re-knit. Without the time spent in the beginning of Drunms, I do not think I would appreciate the choices that Jamie makes concerning where they will settle.

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repoman wrote:Janet and Di - Claire's discomfort is very believable. I agree with you, Janet! I was only pointing out another example from a thread that discusses DG's use of repetition.

(My mother-in-law's funeral was on a June day in South Carolina with 95 degrees and 100 percent humidity. I also served in Southeast Asia. I know hot. That's why I live in the north.) How did anyone survive before air conditioning? :rotfl:

As for the beginning, I was commenting on the depressing hanging of one of their own. Gavin survived Culloden only to come to this end. Remember the oath that the Jacobites were forced to swear? He died in a strange land away from his family. Assuming that he was Catholic, as most Jacobites were, he also had no priest at his death or burial. Jamie and his compatriots must have felt badly for Gavin and wondering about their future, being shipwrecked, with no money, no home, no job, seemingly no one to turn to. That's what I meant by a horrible beginning. Can we speculate that they can only go up from here?

If you read this book first in the series, I would love to hear your opinion of the opening.
Drums of Autumn was the first book I read in the series, more than 10 years ago. At the time I was 20 and bought it with no idea of what is was about. It was cheap :D I don't remember my exact thoughts on it at the time, but I do remember that it caught me right away and that it never struck me as being a book in a series. A good thing I think. I do not think that I had great reflections about the opening chapter since everything in their world was new to me, but like I said, it definately caught my attention.

A few years later I found out about Outlander and bought it in english. I felt like a child on christmas eve! (In Sweden we open the gifts on the eve of christmas rather than on christmas morning as many of you here do). It was SO strange! Jamie was now younger than me and I was Claire's age all of a sudden. But I soon got used to it and I really enjoyed getting the background to what I had already read in DoA.
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Janet23 wrote: If I remember correctly, Jamie and Claire left Georgia for Charleston in hopes of catching the ship for Ian. It was only coincidence that they were there when Gavin was hung.
I am re-reading and this was the exact question I came here for.  They hadn't been in Charleston very long, because when they went to see about the ship for Ian, they were told it sailed three days ago. That makes me think they had barely just arrived... but still Jamie managed to hear about Hayes and arrange to see him and bring him whiskey.