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New measures to protect doctors

On A Journey (500 Miles)
On A Journey (500 Miles)
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June 11th, 2018, 9:48 am #1

When I read this article on the BBC website, I was appalled. The way I read it it seemed to take no account for the feelings of the family of the child who died at the hands of an incompetent doctor, who by her own admission was incompetent/negligent in how she dealt with things at the time. 

Image from BBC website.

New measures designed to improve patient safety and protect doctors and nurses when mistakes are made, are to be announced by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Above is the opening segment of the story (see 1st attached bbc link), and to me it says that it's alright for doctors to make mistakes as long as they learn from them and never mind the patient, the public are Guinea Pigs only.

How on earth does this help improve patient safety???? If I was in hospital for something I'd want to be treated by someone who didn't miss something, someone who was competent enough to check out all the symptoms I had for a possible cause of a problem.  

I don't think that the parents of the 6 year old boy expected their son to die when they took him to hospital.

Jeremy Hunt says that one of the recommendations that he's suggesting is that the 
  • the regulator - the General Medical Council - will no longer be able to appeal against the findings of doctors' disciplinary hearings
Then they may as well do away with the GMC and lose us (the public) the protection which is always due us. ... e-42862237

I understand how difficult things can get (with staff shortages, cuts etc) but it doesn't take a few minutes to read notes about some things (that may not fit into any other section of the paper work) such as whether or not there's a do not resuscitate order.

I think that Jeremy Hunt shout be sacked from the position he's in. As far as I'm concerned he's got blood on his hands now and in the future (if he continues with this course of action).