Iain Dale's apology to the FM

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Iain Dale's apology to the FM

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January 31st, 2018, 3:25 pm #1

http://iaindale.com/posts/2018/01/26/ni ... an-apology
it is now clear that the decision on the flags was taken in 2010 when Alex Salmond was First Minister, but the civil service policy guidance had not been updated in the ensuing seven years.

I still believe that it was wrong for this decision a) to have been taken and b) that it was not made public until now. Obviously as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has to take responsibility for what happens in her government’s name, even if the actual decision was not hers. But I have this morning been in touch with her directly and apologised for tweeting that it was her decision. It is clear now that it was not
And there is a but...
One final thing, though. The abuse I have received over the last two days has been something to behold. Luckily I have th skin of a rhino. You might say that since I tweeted something that was wrong I deserved it. *All I will say is that it is possible to disagree and call someone out in ways which don’t involve the kind of language and violent abuse that has been freely used by the so-called ‘Cybernats’*. I’m sure a lot of it will be repeated in response to this blogpost, but it’s a sad indictment of our public discourse when people who disagree politically can’t have a reasonable exchange. All I would say to them is that if Nicola Sturgeon can have the grace to accept my apology – and she has – then I’d hope that her more vocal supporters can bring themselves to do so as well. I can always live in hope…!
*He does not get it...

Perhaps he ought to have spared his malcontentedness for HM The Queen? Unless she withdraws her consent she should pay her taxes, and be expressly forbidden to use offshore tax havens! Huh? Well, perhaps he never thought what he was feeling and just lashed out at the subsidised sweaties... 
“So @NicolaSturgeon has ordered the union flag to be removed from government buildings. Perhaps the UK government should remove the funding which enables her to spend £1500 more per head of population than is spent in England.”
Fell for the Tory "fake news", and fails to realise the "fake news" of his assertion.

http://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ ... ry/SN04033
Spending per head, 2016/17

Table 1 below and the chart above show public expenditure per head for each country and region. The table shows considerable variation between the different parts of the UK. For example, public spending per head is £8,898 in England compared with £11,042 in Northern Ireland – a difference of around £2,100. Public expenditure per head in Northern Ireland is 21% higher than the UK average, in Scotland it is 16% higher and in Wales 10% higher. There are also differences in spending levels between the English regions where spending per head ranges from £8,111 in the South East to £10,192 in London.
http://www.centreforcities.org/wp-conte ... nances.pdf
Political geographies

As with tax spending, given current devolution discussions it is useful to look at how combined authorities and LEPs compare for spending. As Figure 10 shows, at just under £100 billion, Greater London had the highest public expenditure in 2013/14, and was as large as the next three largest spenders combined

https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/s ... apter9.pdf
Identifiable expenditure on services

9.16 The country and regional analyses are set within the overall framework of expenditure on services (TES), which broadly represents total current and capital spending of the public sector. See Annex E for further information on this framework. For the country and regional analyses, expenditure on services is divided into identifiable and non-identifiable expenditure: 
  • identifiable expenditure is that which can be recognised as having been incurred for the benefit of individuals, enterprises or communities within particular regions. Examples are most health, education, and social protection spending; 
  • non-identifiable expenditure cannot be classified as benefiting particular regions or countries and is deemed to be incurred on behalf of the United Kingdom as a whole. Examples include the majority of expenditure on defence, overseas representation, and tax collection.
Westminster makes the rules, not surprising therefore that Crossrail, London sewers, HS2, the London Olympics etc... are non-identifiable. Whereas a vital new road bridge across the Forth was... one particular irony is that Water is publicly owned in Scotland, and we have to bail out private water companies in London too.

Mr Dale does not want to hear that though.

ONLY ONE non-identifiable project is happening outside England, and that is a new nuclear power station for Wales.
They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast..... The Eagles.