Suggestions and Ideas for next version of RVGL

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Suggestions and Ideas for next version of RVGL

Non Drinker
Non Drinker
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09 Jun 2017, 20:15 #1

Hello Man

I have ideas and Suggestions for a upcoming version of RVGL

Bug Fix

Specials carbox does not recognize with dreamcast frontend: :(
Fixed Special cars carbox That does not recognize When you install Dreamcast Frontend

New Features

Solo Battle Tag: :)
Compete in battle mode against 16 AI Cars

Aditional DEV and Demo pack: :)
This package can add DEV and Demo cars and Exclusive features.

Rooftops track, DC Cars, DEV and Demo Cars and Custom cars in championship:
This can add the Rooftops Track, Dreamcast Cars DEV and Demo cars, and Custom Cars (it depends on your rating) on championship mode.

Random Custom Cars and [/B]Tracks :)
Randomly select custom cars and custom cars.

AI Selects Panga, Rotor and Special Cars: :)
This could select Panga Rotor, and Special Cars with ;)CPUSelectable TRUE, The option may be disabled by default.

Track Editor option in main menu :)
Replenish the track editor option in main menu and fix it for windows 7 and later and choose a PC and DC style

I hope my these ideas can be true In any future version

I hope you like my idea ;)

Greetings from Chile :)

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09 Jun 2017, 23:36 #2

I add an idea for me too ...

In time trial mode, he can rests his vehicle at the place where he is off the track, instead of resting on the starting line ...

100% Proofer
100% Proofer
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10 Jun 2017, 02:17 #3

This has already been suggested quite a fair amount of times already

Estas cosas ya fueron sugeridas varias veces por cierto.

gracias igual/thanks anyway
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