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Stock Tracks issues

100% Proofer
100% Proofer
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24 Nov 2017, 05:16 AM #1

I'm pretty sure everyone knows some of them.

pos node bugs:
reverse market1: on the S below the warehouse section you can get a X

maybe ai node and/or taz: toytanic pool shortcut not always working well and unavailable on toytanic 2

Collision glitches warranting a ncp recompile:
toy world 1: on the beginning in the green section there's a slight bump on the right and on the last curve when arriving the stadium on the right there's a bigger bump

museum 1: landing on the egypt stretch stops the car (tested with aquasonic)
reverse muse1: closer to the glass there's a bump

generic: thin sections cause the camera to glitch or the car to be able to get in between. like in the beginning of the ramp in the pool, see my other report thread about collisions for more info.

pickups in reversed tracks' jumps such as nhood ramps or toytanic ramp are adjusted to the normal track positions
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