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[RVGL] [Release] 16.0705a

... as a Newt
... as a Newt
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5 Jul 2016, 02:34 PM #1

I'm releasing RVGL 16.0705a.

RVGL for Linux is now built on Ubuntu 16.04, so it links to newer version of some libs like libGLEW1.13. As usual, some frequently changing libs (glew, enet, unistring) are included with the package, so it should work on older distros too.

The release fixes some graphical glitches present with SDL 2.0.4 present in latest Linux distros (like black background against the re-volt icon, jagged edges in the splash screens). It has updated 32-bit textures.

Otherwise it's a pretty small release, but quite some users should be waiting for proper support on Ubuntu 16.04 and latest Arch already. When reporting bugs / suggestions, please make sure to open a new thread for each report. It's hard to follow / respond to a pile of reports in the main RVGL thread...

That's it for now, I'll be damned if the next release doesn't support native 64-bit build. :ph43r: