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... as a Newt
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ORP Login Page wrote:Welcome to the ORP Re-Volt forum.
Our ReVolt Pub is a forum dedicated to the R/C racing game Re-Volt. Online racing, car creation, track creation, Re-Volt tools... here you can discuss anything related to this game and get valuable pieces of advice. ORP is also the best place to discuss and get relevant info about several of the most exciting projects and tools for Re-Volt: the v1.2 patch, the Blender plugin project, and others.
You're currently viewing our forum as a guest. Feel free to create an account and become an active member. After you've logged in you'll be able to post messages, edit your profile, send private messages, etc. The only rules are: speak an understandable English, remain constructive and polite. And well, aiming at good quality content obviously makes you doubly welcome.
Addendum to Rules :
There are to be no personal attacks on individuals or community project's. Petty bickering will not be tolerated.
There will be no preaching or flooding of post's with your own religious references or statements that have no relevance to the Topic discussion. As this community is multi cultural and multi faith, so some statement's may offend even if they had a good intention.

Freedom of speech is fully allowed and supported, we encourage interactive objective debate's,
and the occasional rant. :rant:

Breaking the Rules will result in Warnings. Some warnings may incur minor suspensions, 3 warnings within a month and your out, a complete ban.

I would just like to add that I personally encourage friendly humour, whether it be a humorous comment or statement, or a slightly sarcastic jibe, just as long as it is light hearted and friendly.

If anyone is ever offended by a post or topic then bring it to the attention of the forum admin using the button at the top right of each post.

:) Thank you all in following these Rule's helping to keep this Forum a friendly one.:yeah:

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