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Member info and Tapatalk updates for GDPR

... as a Newt
... as a Newt
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27 Apr 2018, 03:44 PM #1

Just received this email from Tapatalk.
Not sure how if at all it may affect you, but thought that any members should be informed.
Dear Tapatalk Group Admin,  
We like to share with you how we are preparing to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018. The GDPR affects European and non-European businesses using online advertising and measurement solutions when their sites and apps are accessed by users in the European Economic Area (EEA). While the GDPR only applies to EEA countries, we are rolling out the same privacy guidelines to all Tapatalk users globally.  
We believe that privacy is fundamental in building a community, and have been taking steps to minimize the collection of use of data whenever possible.  
Tapatalk Groups - Desktop and Mobile  
By May 25th, we will have a consent management platform on the website that will collect authorization by forum members for information that is gathered by Tapatalk Groups, and control with whom the information is shared.  
Information that is gathered by the website  
The website collects information that is aggregated for analytics purposes (e.g., Google Analytics, or Matomo (aka Piwik)). The aggregated information provides analytics for your forum in the Tapatalk Console 
We collect IP address of members for use in Spam and Abuse management 
Cookies are used for targeted advertising. The user will have the ability to turn the permissions on or off by ad provider. If the permissions are turned off, the user will still see the same number as ads, but they will be less relevant. 
If a user elected to register for a member of the forum, we will have collected the email address of the user. 
A member can request to delete their Tapatalk account, and all information about that member will be purged within 30 days. The Username will remain with the post, but the profile information associated with the Username will be deleted. 
Before May 25th, we will have an update to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service with updates related to the implementation of GDPR. And expect to see a notification on Tapatalk Groups that “this site uses cookies.” That will be the indication that the Consent Management platform has been implemented.